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Vendors Rules and Regulations

1. Vendors, Movers and Cleaning Services are not permitted to work on weekends. Work is permitted Monday thru Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please notify your vendor of this rule in advance.

2. Unit access. The owner must e-mail, fax or call the office leaving permission to allow unit access. This rule applies to family members. No entry is granted without authorization.

3. License and Insurance. License and Insurance information must be provided to the management before the subcontractors will be given permission to commence work.

4. Notification of Construction Crews to be on Site. The contractor, sub-contractors or owner of the unit must submit a specification plan and authorization form to the Manager at least three days in advance.

5. Sub-Contractors’ Parking. Vendors are required to park vehicles in designated parking area. Venders must register at Management.

6. Vendor Specifications. A copy of specifications outlining the exact procedure, color and material to use in order to remain uniform throughout the property may be obtained at the Management Office and must be followed. [Written approval must be obtained from the Board of Directors for the following trades: 1 – Hurricane Shutters, 2 – Satellite Dish, 3- Floor-tile for correct underlayment.]

7. Trash Removal. Trash generated from sub-contractors may not be disposed of on the Property

8. Responsibility for Damage to Building. Grout or thin set may not be disposed of in the unit plumbing. Workers will be expected to remove their own material. Sub-contractors are not to leave or perform any work in the common areas. Trades using material such as paint, tile, woodwork, etc., must neatly lay heavy paper or plastic from the elevator door to the unit in order to prevent any damage to carpet. All common areas will be inspected at the end of each day. The cost of any repairs to the common area or to the other units will be assessed to the owner / sub-contractor.

Any vendor found to be in violation of these guidelines will not be permitted to return to the property until the violation has been corrected and payment has been made for damages.

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